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V.I.P Suprem
Dirtbike Danger
Vehicle Given: Sanchez
Track Distance: 3.00 KM

Bikes are always better at handling than cars, so this challenge is more about your driving skill than anything else. Just keep up your speed and use handbrake turns and if you don't make a really bad mistake like falling off a cliff, you should be able to win this pretty easily.

San Fierro Dirtbikedanger

Bandito Country
Vehicle Given: Bandito
Track Distance: 3.00 KM

This is once again a rather easy challenge because of the Bandito's nice handling on poor surfaces. Keep up your speed and brake at the right times and you shouldn't have any problems coming ahead of the other drivers.

San Fierro Banditocountry

Go-Go Karting
Vehicle Given: Kart
Track Distance: 1.00 KM

This race is slightly more difficult than the previous few due to the insane handling of the kart, and it's in-ability to go over curbs very well. Anyway, if you hav a good start and get along the alley in first or second, you shouldn't have too much trouble maintaining the lead. Remember to brake, or just let go of accelerate to slow down when turning, and avoid traffic, and you should win easily after you get to know the track.

San Fierro Go-gokarting

San Fierro Fastlane
Vehicle Given: Alpha
Track Distance: 2.00 KM

This race is another pretty simple one. You're in one of the better "average" cars, but so are your opponents, so it's not too difficult to catch up. The track itself isn't hard, but you need to know where the right places to turn are, which can only really come with experience, so you might fail the race a few times before you get it right.

San Fierro Sanfierrofastlane

San Fierro Hills
Vehicle Given: Phoenix
Track Distance: 8.00 KM

This race again isn't too hard, however the vehicle you're in will blow up very easily. Make sure you don't have any wanted stars before attempting it, because you'll need to go at least half way without taking any damage to be sure of finishing in one piece. The opponents aren't hard, the track isn't hard if you brake correctly, but the engine isn't hard either and it'll be smoking with one or two medium collisions. It's more of a race between yourself and other traffic than the other racers. Make sure you don't smash up the car and you should be able to navigate your way to victory.

San Fierro Sanfierrohills

Country Endurance
Vehicle Given: Bullet
Track Distance: 10.00 KM

Just looking at the map for this one will show you how insane this is going to be and how long it's going to take. Of course the great thing about a long track means more time to gain time on the other racers, and more space to use if you need to catch back up. If you can drive, and I assume you can for getting this far, this should be no problem at all. You'll hardly notice how fast the time passes by as you fly across the country and you'll be half way before you know it. From there, providing you're in first, you can pretty much go as slow as you like and you'll still win. If course you can speed faster than anything else possible going down some of the hills there, but you need to be careful not to smash up your car because remember, it's an endurance, not a full blown out sprint. You should actually be able to make it around the track in just over 5 minutes.

San Fierro Countryendurance

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