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V.I.P Suprem
Vehicle Needed
Brown Streak *
Freight *
* Mission Can Only Be Activated After Las Venturas Has Been Unlocked.

This is another of the new Sub-Missions introduced into San Andreas, and probably one of the most interesting. Like all of the Sub-Missions, they will start to get repetitive, but I'm sure driving a train around a track at near full speed, then trying to judge when you should slow down in order to get to the station as the right time and location is a lot of fun for awhile. That's exactly what this mission involves. You really just need to hold the accelerate and brake buttons, and give the train the power to drive itself around the track. You'll need to slow down when going around sharp corners or derailment will occur, but you'll need to keep up your speed too in order to beat the clock.

Mission Failures
- You Derail Your Train.
- You Run Out Of Time.
- You Overrun The Station By A Long Way.
- You Exit The Train.

When you enter a Train in the drivers seat and you're not currently on a mission, hit the R3 button to start the Freight Missions. You'll then be told to deliver the cargo to the next station in the time limit. This will be marked on the radar with a yellow blip, and luckily you can't exactly miss it. The train tracks will lead you right to it, so all you need to do is stay on it and keep up your speed. After dropping off the first lot of cargo you'll need to head to the next station and do the same again. You will receive a bonus for the more time you have left, as well as how close you get to the red circle with the front carriage of the train. On Level 1 you will receive a max of $150 per station, on level 2 that will double to allow you to receive $300 per station.

Before hitting R3 to start the mission, I'd advise starting to speed around the track towards the next station. This will basically start you on the mission with enough time to get there from a still starting position, but because you're already moving you'll save a good 20 or so seconds which will be added on to make other stations easier. Then you just need to keep hold of the accelerate button until you reach about 45 Speed. On 45 I'd advise letting go of X and just letting it drive itself because if you get anywhere near 50 or past it your train will derail, so don't push it too hard. As your distance starts to decrease below 500 I'd advise trying to keep your speed to an equivalent, such as 45 speed for 450 distance, 20 speed for 200 distance, et cetera. This can be pretty hard to do, but the more you slow down, the slower the distance will decrease, so you'll have more time to slow down properly. Also remember to lay off the speed if you're going around a sharp corner. The sharpest corner is probably in the countryside heading between San Fierro and The Market Station in Los Santos and also Between Las Venturas and Los Santos, so remember to slow down there, but overall the mission isn't too hard at all providing you're good at holding X and Square.

Mission Structure
Level 01: Deliver To All 5 Stations.
Level 02: Deliver To All 5 Stations.

You will need to complete 2 levels of the Freight missions. Both missions require driving around to all five stations, so in total you'll need to do 10 deliveries. The levels will not continue after they have been completed though, so I'd suggest as soon as you complete the first lot, hit R3 and do the second lot to get them out of the way.

Upon successful delivery of the 10 lots of Cargo over the two levels you'll be awarded a whopping $50,000! You'll also be told you can replay the mission to make extra cash.

Freight Missions Freight_1_tn Freight Missions Freight_2_tn Freight Missions Freight_complete_tn

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