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V.I.P Suprem
Vehicle Needed

One of the new missions which has been introduced into GTA San Andreas is the ability to 'Pimp'. While this may sound a lot of fun, in reality it's just a disguised version of the Taxi Driver missions which involves you to pick up one or two Girls and drive them around town, dropping them off with their men, then picking then back up and taking them elsewhere. You will occasionally have to exit your vehicle and kill a few men who are causing trouble with the girls, but the basics of it are that you need to drive and deliver people the same way you would in a taxi.

Mission Failure
- One Of Your Girls Is Killed.
- You Are Arrested.
- You Are Killed.
- You Push R3.
- Your Time Runs Out.

When you enter a Broadway Vehicle and you're not currently on a mission, hit the R3 button to start the Pimping Missions. A Blue icon will appear on your radar, indicating you of a girl who needs a ride, so drive over to her and park next to her while she gets in the car. A message will then be displayed at the bottom of the screen which will tell you where they wish to be taken, followed by a yellow blip on the radar. A timer will now be started and you'll have a certain time limit to drive your girl to her man who will be indicated with a yellow arrow above his head when you get close. Park next to him and the girl will get out, then you can casually make your way to another girl and pick her up. Deliver her to her man too, then you'll be told to pick up the first girl again. This will alternate continually, and occasionally you'll have to do more than just dropping them off, such as chasing down guys who won't pay, or murdering dudes who are a bit too rough with the chicks.

There isn't too much you could really say about this. It's not too difficult, and it doesn't take too long, however you do need to be in a Broadway vehicle in order to do them, and those cars can be pretty rare at times, so you won't want to ruin your vehicle. Plan your route, and keep up your speed when you're got a timer, but other than that, just be careful not to destroy your car or kill your girls. Remember where your girls have been dropped off, and as soon as you drop off another one, head back towards the first one and pick them up, or kill their man. Other than that it's pretty straight forward.

Mission Structure
Level 01: Pick Up Girl 1 From Her Man.
Level 02: Pick Up Girl 2 From Her Man.
Level 03: Pick Up Girl 1 From Her Man.
Level 04: Pick Up Girl 2 From Her Man.
Level 05: Pick Up Girl 1 From Her Man.
Level 06: Pick Up Girl 2 From Her Man.
Level 07: Pick Up Girl 1 From Her Man.
Level 08: Pick Up Girl 2 From Her Man.
Level 09: Pick Up Girl 1 From Her Man.
Level 10: Pick Up Girl 2 From Her Man.

You will need to complete 10 levels of the Pimping Missions, which is the equivalent of 5 drop offs and pick-ups for each girl. These must be in a row, and unlike the Taxi missions, cannot be done whenever. You must complete the whole 10 levels in one run.

Upon successful delivery and pick ups through 10 Levels of Pimping Missions, you will be informed that girls will now pay you to have relations with them. This now means that you can drive along the streets until a prostitute comes up to your vehicle, and if you invite her in, you'll be paid instead of the other way around. Other than that, it's pretty useless, but it needs to be done.

Pimping Missions Pimp_1_tn Pimping Missions Pimp_2_tn Pimping Missions Pimp_complete_tn

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