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V.I.P Suprem
Vehicle Needed

The Paramedic missions which appeared in GTA3 and GTA Vice City have made a return once more, however they are a lot easier this time around. For those who haven't played previous games, your objective is to drive an Ambulance to wounded pedestrians, pick them up in the Ambulance and take them to the hospital. The actual picking up and delivering is very much like the Taxi Missions, however damaging the vehicle can result in the passengers getting even more injured or even dying. Because of this you need to be careful when driving the Ambulance. Luckily the Ambulance gets rather good stability and can take a lot of damage before flipping or blowing up.

Mission Failure
- The Ambulance Falls Into Water.
- The Ambulance Blows Up.
- The Ambulance Flips Onto It's Roof.
- You Kill A Passenger. (Running them over or crashing the Ambulance too much)
- You Are Arrested.
- You Exit The Vehicle.
- You Push R3.
- Your Time Runs Out.

When you enter an Ambulance and you're not currently on a mission, hit the R3 button to start the Paramedic Missions. A blue icon will appear on your radar which symbolises a pedestrian who needs to be picked up. Make your way to the location of this pedestrian, using the radar and stop a few meters away from them. Always slow down before getting near them, because killing them will result in a mission failure, and you don't want to do that on level 11 or 12! Stop next to them and wait for them to get in the Ambulance. Pretty much as soon as they have pulled the door open and started to get in you can begin to drive away. Once you've picked up all of the passengers, make your way to the hospital and drop them off in the red circle. As soon as they get out of the vehicle and you hear the "bleep" you can reverse or drive forwards and either pick up more passengers or start making your way to the new passengers on the next level. It doesn't matter if you 'accidentally' kill the passengers you've just saved, providing they have definitely been saved that is. On Level 1 you'll need to save one pedestrian, on Level 2 you need to save two, and so on, however the Ambulance can only seat three, so after level three you're going to need to make two, three or even four trips to pick up everyone. During all of this the time is of course counting down, however you should have at least 40 seconds extra time, usually more on the higher levels, so if you do make a mistake it shouldn't be too much trouble. Work your way up the levels delivering the pedestrians until you finish them. It's that simple.

Now like all "Sub-Missions" I suggest you do the Ambulance missions as soon as possible, as the rewards you earn for completing them will help greatly in the story or just gameplay in general, however if you wish to wait about 20 or so missions, the Paramedic Missions can be done in Angel Pine, the small town right next to Mount Chiliad. The great thing about this is that all of the pedestrians will spawn within the small town, and you'll have no more than about a 20 second drive from the hospital to pick them up. This way you can complete the Paramedic Missions in 20 to 30 minutes, as opposed to the hour to an hour and a half it would take to do them in the city. If you don't wish to wait until after "The Green Sabre" to unlock Angel Pine, then I'd advise you do them in Montgomery, just North of Los Santos. The people won't spawn as close to the hospital as they do in Angel Pine, however for the most part, it's a lot easier out there with less traffic and shortcuts over fields, although watch out for water, or steep hills which could flip your vehicle. It's best to plan your route wisely too. Always try to make a round trip rather than dotting all over the place as it will keep your time organised and make it easier to plan your next route before leaving the hospital. Beware to never push R3 in the middle of a mission. On foot, R3 will make you look behind, however in a vehicle it's L2+R2 and many people have accidentally cancelled the mission while trying to do just that. Just a warning! Also there's a trick you can do with the people in the back of the Ambulance. Just after dropping them off, hold square to reverse. If done right, they'll pretty much spawn on the roof of the Ambulance.

Mission Structure
Level 01: Save 1 Person
Level 02: Save 2 Persons
Level 03: Save 3 Persons
Level 04: Save 4 Persons
Level 05: Save 5 Persons
Level 06: Save 6 Persons
Level 07: Save 7 Persons
Level 08: Save 8 Persons
Level 09: Save 9 Persons
Level 10: Save 10 Persons
Level 11: Save 11 Persons
Level 12: Save 12 Persons

You will need to complete Level 12 of the Paramedic Missions in order to finish this Sub-Mission. Level 12 must be done consecutively, and altogether you will save 78 people, however this may increase in your stats if you fail or cancel the mission. The average time for completion of the Paramedic Missions ranges from about 30 minutes to 1 hour and 30 minutes, depending on location, however I'd advise Angel Pine if you can get there.

Upon completion of Level 12 your health bar will be increased to it's maximum, resulting in your health raising by double or more. This of course helps greatly on missions, or random gunfights with enemy gangs or the cops. You will also make a rather large sum of money while working through the missions. Paramedic Missions are required for 100% completion, however the rewards can be obtained through lots of playing through the game. Every so often you will see a message about your maximum health increasing, and usually as you approach the last few missions you'll reach maximum, but Paramedic Missions are the best way to raise it fast and early.

Paramedic Missions Para_1_tn Paramedic Missions Para_complete_tn

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