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V.I.P Suprem
Life's A Beach
OG Loc wants you to steal a sound system for a show he wants to do, and he says he saw one heading to the beach for a beach party. When the mission starts grab a car and head down to the beach party area. When you get there you'll be told to speak to the DJ, so go up to her and you'll be presented with a dialog box. You can choose to push left for a negative response, or right for a positive response. To be on the safe side I'd suggest being nice. Eventually she'll invite you to dance, and if you score over 4,000 points you'll get access to the sound van. Dancing is very similar to the lowrider contest, you need to push the right buttons as they scroll through the circle. The closer to perfect you get them, the more score you'll get. Keep dancing through the song and if you don't make too many mistakes you should come out with over 4,000 points so you will now be able to enter the van. Get in the drivers seat and steal the van by driving away. The chick will be thrown out and you will be chased by some crazy fools, however you can easily make it back to the garage and deliver the van for OG Loc.

Mission Passed!
Respect +

OG Loc 19_tn OG Loc 19_1_tn OG Loc 19_2_tn OG Loc 19_3_tn

Madd Dogg's Rhymes
OG Loc has just realised he sucks at rapping, so he wants you to steal Madd Dogg's Rhyme Book from his house in the hills. After the cutscene, find a vehicle and make your way into Mulholland and towards Madd Dogg's mansion. When you reach the mansion you'll be informed that the main door is at the back of the mansion, so head down the slope to the side and enter Madd Dogg's Crib. You'll now be shown how to perform a stealth kill. Crouch down, then slowly sneak up on the guard. Hold R1 to aim at him with the knife and stand behind him. While still holding R1, push circle and you'll perform a stealth kill where you'll stab him in the neck. Once he's dead, move into the next area, hide in a shadow and wait for the next guard to go past. Sneak up on him and stealth kill him when he's not looking. Move through into the next area and you'll be told that a guard is coming, so hide in the shadows in one of the rooms to the left until he faces the swimming pool. Sneak up behind him and kill him with the knife. Head through into the next area and you'll be told to crouch past the bar to avoid being seen. Go past, then wait for the bar tender to turn around before stealth killing him. Sneak past the dude playing a game, which really sounds like a piss take of Reflections Driver game, and kill him if you wish, then move through into the next room. There is a guard watching the right, so go through the shadow room and sneak up behind him. Stealth kill him and then grab the rhyme book. The guards are now armed, so you'll need to be especially careful not to be seen. Go through the shadow room again and kill the guard standing there with your knife. Next move into the doorway for the bar room and kill that guard, then kill the guard sitting on the chair near the TV. Kill the guard at the bar once again, then continue through the house. Stay in the shadows straight through the door and wait for the next guard to walk past, then execute him, and move towards the swimming pool area. Watch him follow the pool around, then sneak behind him and cut him up. Go out the door and get back to Burger

Mission Passed!
Respect +

You'll be given a message saying stealth can be used outside of missions after completion of this mission. You'll also receive a phone call from Tenpenny telling you to meet him at the donut place near Market. Tenpenny's Missions Are Now Unlocked. We're still going to finish up with OG Loc first though.

OG Loc 20_tn OG Loc 20_1_tn OG Loc 20_2_tn OG Loc 20_3_tn

Management Issues
OG Loc is complaining at the fact he can't get a record deal and is blaming it on Madd Dogg's manager. He wants you to go and pick him up, then kill him. One of Madd Dogg's managers drivers is eating at a burger shot across town. Drive over to there and steal his car before 10PM. When you find the car, drive into it so the driver gets out. Kill him and get in the car. It's damaged, so you'll need to take it to the Pay N' Spray first. Once it's sprayed, drive to the yellow blip and park in the middle of the other cars. When the signal is given, stay in the middle of the cars and drive to the award ceremony. Pick up the manager and then speed to the pier so you can dump the car in the water. Make sure you lose the idiots chasing you by taking routes through alley ways and what not. Speed down the pier then bail from the car. It'll sail into the water and you'll remain on dry land, passing the mission.

Mission Passed!
Respect +

Head back to OG for another mission. This one won't actually be a mission though, just a cutscene with some instructions. OG Loc quits his job as a hygiene technician and wants to do a house party so he can be heard. He wants you to get some stuff ready for the party, then meet him at his house in Grove Street between 8PM and 5AM. The game will then tell you to get a haircut and some new threads, but if you're low on cash you don't need to worry about that. Head back to Grove Street and walk in the red circle to accept the mission. A suggestion is to grab some ammo and body armor before accepting this mission though.

OG Loc 21_tn OG Loc 21_1_tn OG Loc 21_2_tn

House Party
During the cutscene OG Loc will start rapping, and Ryder will take Carl out back to get away from the noise. They'll go outside and a Grove Street member will tell everyone some Ballas are coming to take them out. Sweet and another guy will get some cars to block the road, then it's up to you to take out the Ballas. The first lot of them can be found straight ahead of the road block. You'll need to move around their cars to be able to hit them all. Grab some ammo, and once they're all dead you'll see a cutscene where the Ballas are on the bridge above you. Shoot all of them, then grab some more ammo before another cutscene kicks in. This time the Ballas are coming from behind you, so turn around and head towards the alley way. There'll be some Ballas coming from behind the house, a few from the alley way, and some across the other side of the street. Keep moving and switching between targets and you should be able to take care of them no problem as they aren't very accurate.

Mission Passed!
Respect +

After the mission you'll see a parked Tahoma in front of your house. This is sometimes pimped out with hydraulics if you wish to grab it for your garage. After this we're going to do Cesar Vialpando's missions since OG Loc's are finished. Remember you'll need a lowrider for this race, but there's no law against using Nitro on it! Take a lowrider to the mod shop and get it fitted with some Nitro, then head to CV on the radar and accept the mission.

OG Loc 22_tn OG Loc 22_1_tn OG Loc 22_2_tn OG Loc 22_3_tn

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OG Loc ErrorStaff message([FH]~FreeH3K4R)
Ai primit 2xWarn pentru nerespectarea [Trebuie sa fiti inscris si conectat pentru a vedea acest link].

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