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#1Big Smoke Empty Big Smoke # la data de Vin Noi 15, 2013 6:31 pm

V.I.P Suprem
OG Loc
Jeffrey Martin, aka OG Loc is being let out of prison today, and Sweet and Smoke want to go pick him up. When the mission starts you'll be in the car, so head to the police station and park in the red circle. During the cutscene OG Loc will tell everyone about Freddy, some guy in prison who stole his rhymes. He wants to go to his house and take care of him. You're already in the car, so drive to your new location on the radar and pay Freddy a visit. After a rather humorous cutscene, Freddy will try to escape on a bike. Luckily he's in the mood for playing and he'll stop if you get too far behind. Chase him all across town, and eventually he'll pass his house again. Shortly after that he'll come to a stop near the basketball courts alongside some of his friends, so you need to take him and them out. After that OG Loc will ask you to take him to the Burger Shot so he can sign up for a job as a 'Hygiene Technician', so grab a vehicle and make your way over to it. Park in the red circle to complete the mission.

Mission Passed!
Respect +

OG Loc's Missions Are Now Unlocked.

I always like to do things in order, and we started Big Smoke, so we're going back to work for him again, no matter how many inches we may be away from OG Loc's red circle.

Big Smoke 12_tn Big Smoke 12_1_tn Big Smoke 12_2_tn Big Smoke 12_3_tn

Running Dog
Carl is surprised to see Officer Tenpenny and Eddie Pulaski coming out of Smokes house. Afterwards Smoke tells you he needs to pick up his cousin, and obviously wants you to go with him. Get in Smokes car and drive him to the meet. When you get there, park in the red circle and watch the cutscene where Smoke tries to buy some drugs from some Vagos. They will tell Smoke to get lost, so as a result, he smashes one of them with a bat. The other runs away, and it's your job to hunt him down. Chase him through the gardens by hopping over the fence, then across the street. Kill the two Vagos by the soda machine then chase after the drug dealer again. As soon as you get close enough, aim at him and fire until he's gone. He's nothing special, just a random civilian so he won't take long to go down. Once he's dead you'll pass the mission.

Mission Passed!
Respect +

Big Smoke 13_tn Big Smoke 13_1_tn

Wrong Side Of The Tracks
Once again, Officer Tenpenny and Pulaski can be found at Smokes house and once they're gone, Smoke gives you your orders. He wants you to drive him to Unity Station, so take his car and make your way over there. Park in the red circle when you get there and you'll see a short cutscene where a bunch of Vagos jump on a moving train. Smoke wants them dead, so jump on the Sanchez dirtbike and chase after the train. Smoke will open fire on them, and you need to drive after the train. Keep to the right and give Smoke a bigger angle to fire at the guys. Eventually you'll come to a tunnel where another train will be coming, so move out of the way of that and continue chasing the train. Once the last dude is dead, Smoke wants you to get him home before the cops show, so head to the yellow dot on the radar and drop him off.

Mission Passed!
Respect +

Big Smoke 14_tn Big Smoke 14_1_tn Big Smoke 14_2_tn

Just Business
Smoke wants you to drive him downtown so use his car and make your way to the yellow blip on the radar. Park in the red circle and watch the cutscene where Smoke will tell you that he's going to sort out some business. If you hear any shots fired, come in blasting. Carl barely has time to speak to a girl before Smoke is screaming for help. You'll automatically go in and crouch down, but after that you'll need to aim and shoot all of the Russians in there as quickly as possible. You should have a submachine gun from Smoke, but either way you need to shoot everyone. Stay crouched and you shouldn't take too much damage. You'll need to move slightly to take out everyone, and once they're all dead pick up their ammo and cash, as well as some body armor from behind the counter, then go out the next door with Smoke. Kill the seven or so Russians outside and head up the steps. Smoke will then get on a bike and you'll be riding shotgun for once. Face behind the bike and shoot at the bikes chasing you. You need to take out both the driver and the passenger who are shooting at you. Keep the Russians off you, and eventually you'll come to a roadblock. Blow up the three cars to the right, and kill the two Russians to the front then Smoke will get moving again. Cars, bikes and a truck will be chasing you now, so take out the closest one whenever you can. Smoke will avoid exploding cars while you need to keep shooting at the guys on the bikes. A bit after that you'll jump into a cutscene where Smoke will jump the Packer resulting in a number of Car explosions, although I don't exactly understand how that would happen. Either way after that, turn around and face forwards. Shoot the gate out leading to the tunnel and then turn back around and shoot the few bikers behind you. Shooting the explosive barrels is a good way to lose them fast. At the end of the street Smoke will lose them, then he'll drop you off near the beach and dump the bike.

Mission Passed!
Respect +

Big Smokes missions have now been completed, so head over to the next lot of missions we unlocked, Ryder. That is, providing it's between 12:00 and 20:00 as that's the only time you can accept Ryder's next mission. If you aren't on time and don't want to wait, just save the game a few times. Remember the time advances 6 hours when you save.

Big Smoke 15_tn Big Smoke 15_1_tn Big Smoke 15_2_tn Big Smoke 15_3_tn

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Big Smoke ErrorStaff message([FH]~FreeH3K4R)
Ai primit 2xWarn pentru nerespectarea [Trebuie sa fiti inscris si conectat pentru a vedea acest link].

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