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#1Sweet Empty Sweet # la data de Vin Noi 15, 2013 6:27 pm

V.I.P Suprem
Tagging Up Turf
You'll watch a cutscene where Sweet tells you that he wants some other gang graffiti covered up, and will hand you a spray can. After a short clip of Smoke and Sweet playing basketball, you'll be ready to go. Get in Sweets car and drive him into Idlewood. As usual, follow your radar to help you get to the right place. Once you get there park in the red circle and Sweet will show you how to spray over tags. Once he's done the first one for you, it'll be up to you to do the other 2 remaining tags in that area. The first one is just across the road from where you'll be located on the side of a building, the next is in an alleyway behind the first row of houses. Spray over both tags, then get back in Sweets car. Drive into East Los Santos where you'll be given two more tags to spray, one is on the wall just across the road, and the other is on a wall just near Cluckin' Bell. When you reach the second one you'll need to take care of two Ballas Gang Members, and the hint at the top of the screen will show you that you can kill people with the spray can. Aim and them and hold circle until they die. Once they're gone, spray over the tag then you'll be given a yellow blip on the radar where you'll find the next tag. You'll be told to climb the fence as the next tag is above you, so do just that. Climb the first two fences, then use the low wall to climb up onto the roof. You'll find the tag on the side of the wall up there. Once that's sprayed Sweet will appear again and tell you to get in the car. Get in it and drive him back to Grove Street. Park in the red circle and watch the short cutscene to pass the mission.

Mission Passed!
Respect +

A Spray Can Is Now Available From CJ's Mom's House.

Enter CJ's house and pick up extra ammo for the spray can if you wish. Upon leaving the house you'll receive a phone call from Officer Hernandez telling you that leaving town would be a bad idea. That's right too, because if you try to leave Los Santos you'll get a four star wanted level! Enter Sweet's red circle for another mission, or go hunting for tags to spray over. There's 100 to find throughout Los Santos. You've already got 6.

Sweet 5_tn Sweet 5_1_tn Sweet 5_2_tn

Cleaning The Hood
The Grove Street Families members are discussing what to do to clean the hood from the people who only care about smoking and money. Carl has an idea to bring the families back together and Ryder agrees. When you're outside get in the car and make your way to B-Dup's crib. Park in the red circle and watch the cutscene where B-Dup and Big Smoke seem to fall out with CJ and Ryder. After that you'll be outside, and you're going to look for some dealers to mash. Head to the yellow dot on the radar on foot and when you get close enough you'll see a small clip of a dealer selling to a member of the Grove Street Families. Head over and kill the dealer. Once he's dead you'll see another small cutscene where Ryder tells you he knows where the Ballas are hanging out, and he'll also tell you to grab the bat. When you're back in the game, grab the baseball bat, then head to the dot on the radar. If Ryder gets too far behind, just push up and you'll call him back over to you. Head into the red circle and you'll enter the building. Once inside you need to kill all of the Balla Drug Dealers, these are clearly marked with a blue arrow, so it should be no problem knowing who to hit. Use guns or the bat you picked up and wipe them out, then Ryder will tell you to go back outside. Find a vehicle and drive him back to Grove Street to pass the mission.

Mission Passed!
Respect +

Sweet 6_tn Sweet 6_1_tn

The cutscene shows a few of the GSF arguing about respect, then Smoke tells everyone he's hungry. Hungry for Chicken. Once the mission starts get in the car and make your way to Cluckin' Bell. Park in the red circle and you'll see another short cutscene where Smoke orders about thirty different meals. At the end of the cutscene a Ballas car will appear and scope the GSF out. The mission begins again here and you need to chase after the car while Ryder and Sweet hang out of the cars popping off caps into the Ballas car. Keep up with the Ballas and stay close so the guys can get decent shots at the car, and eventually it'll blow up. You now need to help them dispose of the two Ballas who usually get out and try to run away. Chase them down and mash them into the sidewalk with your car. Once they're all dead head back to the grove while enjoying the humorous ranting going on in the back of the car. Park in the red circle and after a few seconds Ryder and Sweet will exit the vehicle. Smoke wants you to take him home, so turn around and drive to his place on the radar. Park in the red circle to pass the mission.

Mission Passed!
Respect +

After the mission you'll receive a phone call from Sweet telling you to go to the gym. Following this, the Los Santos gym will be unlocked and available for use. You can head to the gym or enter Sweets red circle for another mission.

Sweet 7_tn Sweet 7_1_tn Sweet 7_2_tn

Nines And AK's
Carl asks the OG's about which weapons they're using now, and they tell him they aint got shit, so Smoke wants to take you to Emmets gun shop and grab a piece. When the mission starts get in the car with Smoke and make your way to Emmet's. Park in the red circle when you get there and watch the short and interesting cutscene. After that's over Smoke will show you how to aim. He'll shoot a glass bottle, then it's your turn, so hold R1 to aim and hit L1 to fire. The bottle should go up in one. After that Smoke will show you how to flick through your targets, so aim at the bottle, shoot it, then hit R2 or L2 to switch to the next target. Shoot that and the next one and Smoke will show you more. Next up is shooting while crouched. You'll see that your accuracy is much better when crouched. Hit L3 to crouch, then shoot the five glass bottles before you're given your final task which shows off a new feature. Shooting a cars gas tank. No matter which gun you use, if you hit a cars gas tank you'll blow it up first time, so manually aim at the gas tank and fire a shot. Boom. And that's Emmet's store done with. Smoke wants to go home, so take him back to his place. After the cutscene you'll receive a phone call from Sweet telling you to get some colors. There's a Binco next to the gym where you can find something green to wear. Head over there now and enter the store. Go into the changing room to the right and pick something suitable to wear. If you have the cash, I'd go for the Green Hoody and the Urban Camo, but you can customise your CJ whichever way you like. Once you've finished buying, go outside and you'll pass the mission.

Mission Passed!
Respect +

Big Smokes Missions Are Now Unlocked.

Sweet 8_tn Sweet 8_1_tn Sweet 8_2

Ryder is complaining that CJ can't drive very well, but Sweet talks Ryder into riding shotgun and leaving the driving to CJ. Once the mission starts, get in the car and drive the guys into Balla territory. When you reach the area marked on the radar, park in the red circle. After the short cutscene you'll be in charge of driving the car back and forth past the Ballas in order for the GSF members to wipe them out with a drive-by. You'll need to pass a few times in order for them to all be wiped out, but if you stay still, the car will get wrecked, so keep moving. Once the first batch are dead, head around the corner and do the same to the next lot. Same again after that, then finally move into the park and kill the remaining Ballas. If you have a submachine gun you can help out with the drive-bying or you can just use your car as a weapon. Either way once the Ballas in the park are dead, you'll have a two star wanted level, so get to the Pay N' Spray and lose the stars. Once that's done drive back to the grove and drop off your homies.

Mission Passed!
Respect +

Ryder's Missions Are Now Unlocked.

You can now do Smokes missions, Ryder's missions or Sweets missions. This is one of the only parts in the game where you'll have a choice of that many, however I'll keep going with Sweet so it's back into his red circle for the next mission.

Sweet 9_tn Sweet 9_1_tn Sweet 9_2_tn

Sweets Girl
Carl enters Sweets house to find no one home. After going outside he gets a phone call from Sweet who is in trouble in Seville with his girlfriend. Grab a vehicle and quickly make your way over to the apartment block where Sweet is at. You'll need to go in on foot, so make sure you have a weapon. Make your way to the front of the building and wipe out all of the Seville Boulevard Families with the arrows over their heads. There's some on the road, some on the stairs and some at the other end of the building. They shouldn't be too much trouble if you know how to aim and switch between targets. Once they're dead you'll get another phone call from Sweet telling you to get a four door car and park it out front. There's a Greenwood parked half way alongside the apartment, so grab that and park it in the red circle. Sweet and his girl will get in the car, then you need to get back to Grove Street while avoiding the two cars in pursuit of you. Sweet will fire at them, but they'll most likely keep up with you until you get there. Park in the red circle and watch the small cutscene to pass the mission.

Mission Passed!
Respect +

Sweet 10_tn Sweet 10_1_tn Sweet 10_2_tn

Cesar Vialpando
Sweet and Kendl are arguing once again about who she can date. Eventually she leaves the house and says she can date whoever she wants. Sweet wants you to follow her and see what she's up to. Grab a vehicle and make your way to the garage in Willowfield. Park in the red circle when you get there and the guy who runs the mod shop will come out in a nice pimped out lowrider. He says he owes Sweet a favor so you can have the car. After the short cutscene back up into the lowrider mod garage. You can choose through a variety of options to modify your car here, however this one only accepts lowriders. Choose anything extra you want on your car, then when you're done hit triangle a few times to quit. You'll appear back outside and you now need to make your way to the lowrider meet at Unity Station. Park in the circle and a guy will ask you how much you're willing to bet on a lowrider dancing competition. Choose your wager then proceed with the competition. You need to push the right analog stick the right way at the same time the icon passes through the circle at the bottom of the screen. The closer to the middle, the better points you will get. You need to try and read the arrows as soon as possible and work out what you're doing next. If you get more points than the other guy, you'll win. After the competition, if you won, you'll see a longish cutscene where Cesar introduces himself to you. Afterwards you'll complete the mission, providing you won, and will be rewarded with double the amount you put in as your wager.

Mission Passed!

After the mission, when you get out of your vehicle you'll receive a phone call from Cesar inviting you to a lowrider only street race. You have now unlocked Cesar Vialpando as a crime boss on your radar. Sweets missions are now complete too. The next mission we opened up was Smoke, so lets do his missions next.

Sweet 11_tn Sweet 11_1_tn Sweet 11_2_tn Sweet 11_3_tn

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Sweet ErrorStaff message([FH]~FreeH3K4R)
Ai primit 2xWarn pentru nerespectarea [Trebuie sa fiti inscris si conectat pentru a vedea acest link].

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