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#1Las Venturas LVA Freight Depot Empty Las Venturas LVA Freight Depot # la data de Sam Noi 16, 2013 2:32 pm

V.I.P Suprem
Vehicle Given: Banshee
Track Distance: 7.00 KM

This is a fun race which is a sprint to the finish from San Fierro to Las Venturas. It's completely straight forward and your only worries will be avoiding traffic and dodging the water. You can go exceptionally fast in the Banshee, but you may wish to slow down any time you get near to water or you'll be sinking your way out of the race. Keep up some speed to the LV Airport and you'll be the winner.

Las Venturas LVA Freight Depot Sftolv

Dam Rider
Vehicle Given: NRG-500
Track Distance: 4.00 KM

Once again this is pretty straight forward, although the sharp turns and water hazards can be a real pain. Watch out for those rocks if you're trying to take a shortcut too, or it'll likely take longer than going the proper way. You can take quite a few good shortcuts at the end of the race if you need then, but by then you should be far enough in front to win.

Las Venturas LVA Freight Depot Damrider

Desert Tricks
Vehicle Given: BF-400
Track Distance: 4.00 KM

This race isn't exactly harder than the previous one, however it's closer in terms of opponents. You really need to have a pretty much perfect run in order to be way out in front when it finishes. There aren't any hard sections, but some can be pretty fast and may need you to slow down. Look at any of the corners with less than 90º bends and you should be thinking about braking.

Las Venturas LVA Freight Depot Deserttricks

LV Ringroad
Vehicle Given: Turismo
Track Distance: 5.00 KM

While this may look like the easiest track ever, and it is, there is an incredible amount of traffic swerving back and forth to different lanes, and it's almost impossible to speed around the track at full speed without hitting at least one of them. You can still pull the car back under control and stay in first place, but after so many crashes your car will be up in flames. Stick to the outside, but watch out for the turn offs.

Las Venturas LVA Freight Depot Lvringroad

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