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V.I.P Suprem
The NRG-500 challenge takes place in the abandoned Dry Dock at Easter Basin, which is just next to the large Import / Export ship. Like the BMX challenge, you'll need to grab a number of checkpoints dotted around the area, however this time it's on a motorbike which means more speed, however you don't have the ability to bunny hop, so you need to position your jumps perfectly. The bowl is rather steep, and you'll need to successfully jump out of it about 15 times in order to grab the checkpoints floating above it.

Unfortunately, this challenge is a lot harder than the BMX challenge, and there isn't any specific route you can take. The best advice I can give is to head around the top first, collecting the checkpoints at ground level, then get all of the checkpoints at the bottom of the dock. From there it's just really luck as to whether you hit the jumps at the right angle and manage to fly high enough to grab the rather frustratingly placed floating checkpoints. Going up the steep ramp slightly sideways and jumping alongside it, rather than up it seems to be the best way to go about getting the checkpoints, but even with full bike skill, it's extremely hard to work out while angle to approach at, when to lean back and forward, and even how much speed to carry. My best, and frankly only advice is to just keep trying the jumps until you get them right. Collecting the top and bottom checkpoints should give you about 1 minute to get the last 7 or 8, so that's about one every 10 seconds or so, which is usually 2 or sometimes 3 jump attempts.

The glitch from the BMX challenge where there is no timer works here too, however it's a lot harder to get working. Your best bet is to wait on the top just above the 2 checkpoints on the ramp. As the time reaches about 1 second, drive over the edge and land on the checkpoint. Perfect timing will result in infinite time, although it is extremely hard to get it right.

Reward: Small Cash
You can replay this mission any time in order to better your time in the stats.

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