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V.I.P Suprem
The BMX Challenge can be found in the skate / bike park in Glen Park. If you look on your map for the actual park in Glen Park, then go down onto the next piece of grass, you'll be in the park. Once inside, get on the BMX at the top of the hill next to the half pipe to start the challenge.

Your mission is to pedal around the park collecting checkpoints. Every checkpoint you grab will add 10 seconds to your time, however your time will be counting down as you go, so you need to be quick in grabbing them. This missions really does require almost maximum Cycling Skill however, due to the fact you'll need to bunny hop pretty high to grab some of the checkpoints. If you don't have much Cycling Skill, I strongly suggest you pedal around Los Santos on a bike until it starts to raise. Once it's high enough, jump on the BMX in the skate park and begin the challenge.

This, like the other hidden challenges, depends on your skill at being able to jump at the right time and grab the checkpoints, but I'll try to give a rough idea of where to go first. From the start, head down the hill slightly to the right and grab the two checkpoints there, you'll probably need to bunny hop under the first one on the left. Once you've got them head around the outside of the bowl and grab any low checkpoints there, then when you reach the half pipe section of the bowl, jump in and start collecting the easy checkpoints in there. Jump up the sides in order to grab the floating ones, and make your way back around to the lower wooden half pipe. Again jump from the side and grab any checkpoints in the air, then head back up the hill where you started and grab any checkpoints left over there. At this point, you should have about 50 seconds or so to get the last 4 or 5 checkpoints. The ones you'll generally be missing are:

- The stone half pipe in the bowl.
- A high checkpoint South of the lower wooden half pipe.
- The lower wooden half pipe checkpoint (hardest).
- Higher wooden half pipe checkpoint.
- Higher wooden half pipe checkpoint.

Now the two higher wooden checkpoint ones are relatively easy, you just need to get on the half pipe and mash X so that you start to climb the wood. When you reach the top you should almost definitely leave the ground and you'll grab the checkpoint, then go and do the same on the other side. Next you'll head to the stone half pipe. The best way to do this is to speed up one side of the half pipe, then hit L1 to bunny hop while going up. This will generally push you backwards, and if you did it right, you'll fly through the checkpoint. Next up is the higher one near the lower half pipe. All you need to do is stand right under it, and mash L1. I don't know how many people worked this out, but I discovered it on my first day of playing the game, mashing L1 will sooner or later result in a "Super Bunny Hop". You'll go two or three times higher than normal and it's easily high enough to grab this checkpoint. What's more, it doesn't even require max cycling skill, you can just keep mashing L1 and eventually (if you have enough time) you'll jump high enough. The final checkpoint is by far the hardest, so lets hope you have a lot of extra time to grab it. Get into the half pipe, then speed up the ramp to the East and try to force yourself up onto the ledge. The only way this is possible is if you just keep going back and forth up and down both sides of the half pipe, then lean forward in the air to try and push yourself onto the ledge. You'll really need a bit of luck, but once you get the hang of it and get up, it's mission complete!

There is a glitch which my good friend Platinum found which allows you to have no time limit on this mission. All it requires you to do is grab a checkpoint literally JUST after the timer disappears after hitting 0 seconds. The best way to do this is to go down the hill to the right and wait under the floating checkpoint, in a bunny hop position. About half a second through 0 seconds, release L1 and if you timed it perfectly, you'll get the checkpoint just after the timer disappears, and then you have as long as you want to grab the rest! If you miss the exact time, just pedal to the top of the hill and get off, then back on the bike to start the mission again. It takes a bit of good timing, but it certainly helps if you're having trouble with the mission.

Reward: None
You can replay this mission any time in order to better your time in the stats.

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