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V.I.P Suprem
Vehicle Needed
Black Boxville *
* Mission Can Only Be Activated Between 20:00 (8PM) And 06:00 (6AM). You must be in the Black Boxville found in the parked locations mentioned below in order to be able to attempt the mission.

You can find a Boxville in Los Santos parked across the street to the South from the gym. It's about half way in the first garden, in front of the house. You'll also find a Boxville parked in an alleyway just in front of the Driving School in San Fierro. From the doorway of the driving school head North and navigate your way through the alley until you see the Boxville.

Another of the new missions which is actually useful in the game is the ability to rob peoples homes. This can make you a bit of extra cash, but is also involved in missions early on in the game, so you'll be taught how to do it. It involves you driving a Boxville van up to someone's house, sneaking inside and picking up objects they may have worth stealing, then depositing them in the back of the van and going in for more. Once you've gotten everything they have you can either rob some more homes, or take what you've got to the lock up.

Mission Failure
- You Are Killed.
- You Are Arrested.
- You Push R3.
- Your Time Runs Out For Delivering The Goods.
- You Wreck The Vehicle.

When you enter a Boxville Van and you're not currently on a mission, AND the time is between 20:00 and 06:00, hit the R3 button to start the Robbery Missions. You will then be told to find a house to break into, so drive around until you see a house with a yellow arrow in front of the door. You're looking for a house remember, not a store or other usually enterable building. Park the van outside, usually reversed so that the back end is facing the door, then enter the house. Hold up on the left analog stick very gently to sneak. Depending on where you did the missions you may have some people inside the house who are watching TV or waiting for you to enter, so you'll either have to very carefully edge your way out of the doorway and shoot them in the head, or get the hell out of there because they will call the cops. You will need, and I mean need a Silenced Pistol to do this mission properly. Once you're inside, sneak around until you find an object which can be picked up. Push triangle and Carl will pick up the object, then make your way out of the door to the van. Push triangle again when you're close enough, and it will be placed into the van. You'll then need to head back in and try for more stuff.

The easiest thing you can do on this mission is to waste the occupants of the house in your first run. Whether they're in bed or awake, shoot them in the head with a Silenced Pistol and after you exit the house, they'll be there no more. Now you have the added bonus of being able to make as much noise in their house as you want, and no one will hear, because they're already dead. Doing this means you can run in a few times and grab everything they have which will save you time which would be wasted while trying to sneak. Another tactic is to try and find two houses next to each other with arrows over the doors. Once you've cleaned out a house, the one next door can be cleaned out, then when you enter the first house again, all of the stuff will have appeared! You can just keep going back and forth doing this until your time runs out for a lot of objects. The best place to do this is actually in Grove Street, however maybe your pride would get in the way of your stealing from them. Nah... Didn't think so. Once the time is starting to get close to daylight, and by close I mean within 10 seconds, exit the house you were in, deposit the stuff in the truck, then get in the van and start heading to the lock up. You need to get there within 5 minutes, but that shouldn't really be too much trouble at all, just so long that you drive carefully. You can keep robbing the house right up until the time runs out though, so I'd advise you do that, and if possible, try to start right on 20:00 so you have more time robbing. I'd advise you to do the Robbery Missions in Los Santos.

Altogether, you need to steal over $10,000 of objects in the robbery missions. Single objects can earn you roughly $20, so as you can imagine that would take a long time, but it seems that grabbing everything in a house will add some sort of bonus and you can make about $3,000 for every 10 or so items. Usually I'd say try for $3,000 or $4,000, but 7 or 8 thousand is easily possible if you go as quickly as you can. You will almost certainly have to do the robbery missions on two or three separate days in order to raise the cash high enough.

Upon successful delivery of over $10,000 of stolen goods, you will be rewarded with $3,000 cash. That's it. Take it or leave it. Oh well, at least the missions were semi-fun.

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