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V.I.P Suprem
Vehicle Needed
Police (LS)
Police (SF)
Police (LV)
FBI Truck
FBI Rancher

The Vigilante Missions once again made their appearances in GTA3 and GTA Vice City, and are again in San Andreas. Nothing much has changed from GTA3 or Vice City and your objective is the same as always. Chase after Criminals in their vehicles and eliminate them by whichever means necessary. The huge array of vehicles available which can do this mission makes it a walk in the park, but they are also extremely fun. Rockstar Games have always said Grand Theft Auto is a chasing game, not a driving game, and this, if anything shows just how that works. In order to eliminate the vehicles, you'll ideally need a Sub-Machine Gun in order to drive by the hell out of their vehicle, if you're trying to beat them then I'd suggest over 3000 bullets would be adequate. Save up some money and go to Ammunation first.

Mission Failure
- You Are Arrested.
- You Exit The Vehicle And Don't Get Back In For 60 Seconds.
- You Push R3.
- Your Time Runs Out.
- You Die.

When you enter a Vigilante Capable Vehicle and you're not currently on a mission, hit the R3 button to start the Vigilante Missions. A red icon will appear on your radar which symbolises a criminal threat which needs to be eliminated. Head towards this red blip, and when you get close you'll need to give chase. If you're on the HPV1000 police bike you can just chase after it and fire shots into the back until it blows, then kill the criminals if they bail, if not, you'll need to get alongside and either try to use your car to spin them out of control, or drive by them sideways. There's nothing complicated about this mission, you just need to chase after the cars marked with blips and kill the people inside before your time runs out. If you are a good enough driver and you have enough ammo, it shouldn't be a problem at all.

Now like all "Sub-Missions" I suggest you do the Vigilante Missions as soon as possible, as the rewards you earn for completing them will help greatly in the story or just gameplay in general. There doesn't seem to be a specifically easy place to do these missions, unlike the previous two covered, however they seem to be relatively easy wherever they are attempted. In the countryside you have more opportunity to take shortcuts across fields and what not, however that also increases the chances of crashing and wrecking your vehicles too. One of the problems with this missions is the amount of heat you will get onto you. Despite the fact you're actually helping the police with their work, they dislike anyone killing anyone unless they're responsible, and after a few levels you'll have a two or three star wanted level which isn't too good. In the countryside you'll have more chances to lose the cops however, but the distance and terrain you'll have to cross to get to the criminals can take away the advantage that it may bring. My advice would be to go for the missions in a city such as San Fierro. Get to know the map, know where Ammu-Nation is if you need some ammo, and know where the Pay N' Spray's are. If you're heavily wanted, ditch the cop vehicle, grab a normal one, get it sprayed then get back in the vigilante vehicle and continue. Keep this up and kill all of the required criminals to beat the missions. Advice for drive dying would be to try and hit the cars gas tank which will save ammo, time and wipe out everyone in the vehicle in one go.

Alternatively... There is a glitch which can make Vigilante missions unbelievably easy. Grab a vehicle, drive to Cluckin' Bell or another fast food restaurant and park outside, probably on the nearest road, as opposed to right outside the door. Hit R3 to start the mission, then go inside and buy some food. After about 20 seconds the game will usually lose track of the vehicle it's supposed to be keeping a blip on, and will award you the kill. Go back outside, get in / on the police vehicle so the timer resets and a new criminal spawns, then go back inside and do it again. You may have to go in and out a few times before it actually kills the criminals for you, however this definitely does work. This will sometimes only work up until Level 10 though, after that you may not be able to make the game delete the cars, so you'll still need to finish those off on your own, however the time and ammo saved from using the glitch should make it easy enough to wipe out the last few criminals.

Mission Structure
Level 01: Murder 1 Criminal (1 Car)
Level 02: Murder 2 Criminals (1 Car)
Level 03: Murder 3 Criminals (1 Car)
Level 04: Murder 4 Criminals (1 Car)
Level 05: Murder 5 Criminals (2 Cars)
Level 06: Murder 6 Criminals (2 Cars)
Level 07: Murder 7 Criminals (2 Cars)
Level 08: Murder 8 Criminals (2 Cars)
Level 09: Murder 9 Criminals (3 Cars)
Level 10: Murder 10 Criminals (3 Cars)
Level 11: Murder 11 Criminals (3 Cars)
Level 12: Murder 12 Criminals (3 Cars)

Once again you will need to complete Level 12 of the Vigilante Missions in order to finish this Sub-Mission. Level 12 must be done consecutively, and altogether you will murder 78 criminals, however this may increase in your stats if you fail or cancel the mission. The average time for completion of the Vigilante Missions ranges from about 45 minutes to 1 hour 30, depending on how lucky you are in getting criminals to die quickly, or if you use the glitch.

Upon completion of Level 12 you will be awarded an increase in your Armor strength with Armor now adding on 150 extra hit points to protect your life. This will become extremely useful in some of the later missions.

Vigilante Missions Vig_1_tn Vigilante Missions Vig_glitch_tn Vigilante Missions Vig_complete_tn

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