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V.I.P Suprem
Vehicle Needed

The Firetruck Missions also made their appearances in GTA3 and GTA Vice City, and are back once again in San Andreas. Nothing much has changed from the Vice City version of Firefighter, and that was one of the easiest Sub-Missions in the game, so this shouldn't be too much trouble. Your objective is to drive around in the firetruck putting out fires on vehicles, and the people inside them. Luckily the vehicles won't be moving, however the people inside each vehicle will run around like idiots, and it can be quite difficult to put them out before they hide up an alley way or down a cliff or something. The Firetruck has a water hose attached which can be used by holding Circle or L1 and is aimed with the right analog stick. You will need to squirt water at the base of the fires on vehicles in order to put them out.

Mission Failure
- The Firetruck Falls Into Water.
- The Firetruck Blows Up.
- The Firetruck Flips Onto It's Roof.
- You Kill A Pedestrian On Fire.
- You Blow Up A Flaming Car.
- You Are Arrested.
- You Exit The Vehicle.
- You Push R3.
- Your Time Runs Out.

When you enter a Firetruck and you're not currently on a mission, hit the R3 button to start the Firefighter Missions. A blue icon will appear on your radar which symbolises a fire which needs to be put out. Make your way to the location of this fire or fires, using the radar and stop a few meters away from it. Always slow down before getting near the vehicle or you risk smashing into it and blowing it up. Stop next to the flaming car and hold circle to squirt water on the fire. If your accuracy is off, use the right analog stick to position the hose, or just adjust the vehicles position. Keep squirting water on the fire, which is usually at the front of the car and you should see some steam being released. Keep this going for a few seconds and the fire will disappear. On the first level this is all that's required, but from level 2 onwards there will be a pedestrian in the car who is also on fire. As soon as the car has been put out, the pedestrian will get out and start running. You need to spray them with about 2 or 3 seconds of water and they will be put out. Be warned that they can run into some pretty difficult areas, and your hose will knock them a few feet across the ground when it's being squirted.

Now like all "Sub-Missions" I suggest you do the Firefighter Missions as soon as possible, as the rewards you earn for completing them will help greatly in the story or just gameplay in general, however if you wish to wait about 20 or so missions, the Firefighter Missions can be done in Angel Pine, the small town right next to Mount Chiliad. Similar to the Paramedic Missions, the Firefighter missions are much easier when done in this area. Different to the Paramedic, the flaming vehicles won't spawn in the small town, however they will usually spawn at both ends of the highway leading towards Whetstone. This makes the missions much easier and allows them to be completed in just over 20 minutes. The terrain can be pretty dangerous however, and although the firetruck is pretty steady, you still run the risk of flipping it when trying to take shortcuts down hills. Stick to the roads and go at a medium speed unless there's not much traffic, and it shouldn't be too much trouble. Also remember to start spraying the flaming pedestrians as soon as they get out of the car. You can usually put out two or three of them in the first 2 seconds or so, but if they manage to run away they can stop in some stupid positions.

Mission Structure
Level 01: Extinguish 1 Car
Level 02: Extinguish 1 Car + 1 Person
Level 03: Extinguish 1 Car + 2 Persons
Level 04: Extinguish 1 Car + 3 Persons
Level 05: Extinguish 1 Car + 4 Person
Level 06: Extinguish 2 Cars + 4 Person
Level 07: Extinguish 2 Cars + 5 Person
Level 08: Extinguish 2 Cars + 6 Person
Level 09: Extinguish 2 Cars + 7 Person
Level 10: Extinguish 2 Cars + 8 Person
Level 11: Extinguish 3 Cars + 8 Person
Level 12: Extinguish 3 Cars + 9 Person

You will need to complete Level 12 of the Firefighter Missions in order to finish this Sub-Mission. Level 12 must be done consecutively, and altogether you will put out 78 fires, however this may increase in your stats if you fail or cancel the mission. The average time for completion of the Firefighter Missions ranges from about 30 minutes to 1 hour, depending on location, however I'd advise Angel Pine if you can get there.

Upon completion of Level 12 you will be fully Fireproof on foot. This means that walking through fire will not cause you any damage. You will also make a rather large sum of money while working through the missions.

Firefighter Missions Fire_1_tn Firefighter Missions Fire_2_tn Firefighter Missions Fire_complete_tn

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