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V.I.P Suprem
Blood Ring

The Blood Ring can be found at the stadium in Foster Valley, San Fierro. It's the most Southern area in San Fierro with an icon on the radar.

The Blood Ring is a ridiculously hard checkpoint grabbing destruction derby. This was in Vice City, and while frustrating, it was still possible. This time it literally requires luck in order to pass the mission. You, and about 20 other vehicles with sub machine gun weilding idiots hanging out of the windows need to battle around a bowl and collect large red checkpoints. Your time will count down, and every checkpoint you get will increase your time by 15 seconds. You'll start on 30 seconds, and you need to beat a score of 60 on your first run. In theory, this means you need to grab about three or four checkpoints in quick succession in order to raise your time above a minute. In Vice City this wasn't a problem, although you needed to weave in and out of the vehicles in order to get to the checkpoints as quickly as possible. In San Andreas the mission is completely unfair. You're in a crappy Bloodring Banger with probably the worst handling and speed in the game, while racing about 20 other vehicles ranging from street racers to off road vehicles. To make things worse, other vehicles can grab the checkpoints. So not only do you need to grab as many checkpoints as possible, but you need to pray that none of the other cars get the one you're heading for. Of course when the odds are about 19 to 1 you don't really have much chance at all of getting the checkpoints first.

The main advice for this mission is to keep playing it over and over until you are lucky enough to be able to actually get three or four checkpoints without some other stupid vehicles getting there before you. Use handbrake turns to turn around quickly, and always go for the little tool icon if you can see someone else is going to get a checkpoint before you as the little bastards can do a lot of damage to your car with their drive-by's. Of course another ingenious idea for this mission from Rockstar was to make blown up cars respawn! So no matter how many you take out, there'll still be about 20 others stealing your checkpoints. There's literally no proper advice you can give for this, apart from telling you your objective. Drive through the cars and grab the checkpoints before they do. Everything else is up to the game making the other cars way better drivers than you.

Luckily the mission is only required once, and after that I wouldn't waste the time doing it again.

Upon completion of the battle with a total time of over 60 seconds you will be awarded $10,000 and when placed outside you will see that an amazing Bloodring Banger has been spawned in the stadium's car park.

Reward: $10,000
The Bloodring Banger Has Been Unlocked Outside The Stadium.

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