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V.I.P Suprem
Valet Parking
After the mission "555 WE TIP" you will have unlocked the Valet Parking Missions from the hotel opposite the big pointy building. In order to start these missions you will need to be wearing the Valet Outfit which is delivered to your wardrobe after that mission. Head to a hideout and change into that Special Outfit, then make your way to the hotel in Downtown San Fierro.

Stand in the red circle to start the mission. Your objective is simple. Stand with the other Couriers and wait for a vehicle to park in front of the hotel. When it does, get into it before the other couriers and drive it forward and to the right, then down into the car park and park it in the red circle parking space. You will be awarded additional time for parking the car well and keeping it damage free. This time is useful as it's counting down all of the time. Once you've parked one car, spring back up to the front of the hotel and wait for the next one. If you are too slow getting there, another courier will take the car and you'll need to wait for another one to come. Keep doing this as you play through the five levels required for completion. After each level another car will be added and required to be parked, however you should have more than enough time to be able to manage it if you go as fast as you can. This mission isn't so much of a challenge as it is something to do, although it's pretty fun in a way.

Mission Layout
Level 1: Park 3 Cars In 2 Minutes
Level 2: Park 4 Cars In 2 Minutes
Level 3: Park 5 Cars In 2 Minutes
Level 4: Park 6 Cars In 2 Minutes
Level 5: Park 7 Cars In 2 Minutes

Reward: $1000
The Hotel has been Acquired as an Asset.

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