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#1Cesar Vialpando Empty Cesar Vialpando # la data de Vin Noi 15, 2013 6:38 pm

V.I.P Suprem
High Stakes, Low Rider
Remember to get a Nitro fitted lowrider and park in the red circle. After the cutscene Cesar will tell you to follow him as he leads you to the race. When you're back in the vehicle drive after Cesar and try to not damage your vehicle. Park in the red circle when you reach the start line and wait for the timer to hit 0, or rather say "go". Once it goes you'll be on your first race. Speed through the streets following the other cars. When you go through a checkpoint a little arrow will be above it pointing towards the next checkpoint. Take note of this and speed along the race track. You'll come to the beach, and a long stretch of road only about ten seconds into the race. I'd suggest using your nitro now. You'll warp past the few cars still in the lead, then you need to slow down and make a right turn. Speed up this street and your Nitro should wear off. From here you'll have a huge gap so just carefully drive through the remaining checkpoints which finally results in you finishing up at the docks.

Mission Passed!

That's all of Cesar's missions complete for now, and if you're going the same way as me, the only thing you have left at this point in time is Tenpenny's missions. Head to the donut place.

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#2Cesar Vialpando Empty Re: Cesar Vialpando # la data de Joi Mar 27, 2014 12:17 pm

Cesar Vialpando ErrorStaff message([FH]~FreeH3K4R)
Ai primit 2xWarn pentru nerespectarea [Trebuie sa fiti inscris si conectat pentru a vedea acest link].

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