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V.I.P Suprem
Big Smoke
This mission is more of a cutscene. You'll enter the Johnson House where Carl will have flashbacks of when his moms was alive. He grabs a photograph of her and looks at it when Big Smoke enters the room with a baseball bat. After a short discussion they move outside and Carl enters Smokes Perennial. They then drive off to the funeral.

Carl Johnson 2_tn

Sweet & Kendl
Upon arriving at the funeral you'll be reunited with Sweet and Kendl, Carl's siblings as well as Ryder, a friend of the family. Sweet shows you that a lot of the Grove Street Families have been killed and eventually leads you out of the cemetery. Just outside the gates you'll be confronted by a Ballas car and a spray of bullets. It's now where the mission starts. Run across the road and get on the bike marked with the blue arrow, then head along the street to the right and follow Smoke, Ryder and Sweet. Keep tapping X to pedal faster and try to get some distance between you and the chasing Ballas car, or you'll take a lot of damage from drive by's. Follow Sweet on the radar and if you get lost, just pause and look at the map to see where he is. Follow them until you reach the area under the intersection, then Sweet will head off in a different direction in order to lose the Ballas. From here, follow Ryder and Smoke as they take you back towards Grove Street. Just as you approach, the Ballas car will appear again, so you can just speed to the red circle if you don't wish to follow Ryder and risk getting shot to pieces. Park in the Red Circle and you'll see a short cutscene before passing the first mission.

Mission Passed!
Respect +

You can now enter Carl's house and save game which will refill your health. When you go back outside you'll be told to head to the R on the radar for Ryder's mission. You'll also get a phone call from Sweet who will tell you that the Grove Street Families aren't big anymore and that it's a dangerous place out there. Head to the R on the radar to start the first optional mission in the game. Optional as in it won't start until you want it to by standing in the red circle.

Carl Johnson 3_tn Carl Johnson 3_1_tn Carl Johnson 3_2_tn

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Carl Johnson ErrorStaff message([FH]~FreeH3K4R)
Ai primit 2xWarn pentru nerespectarea [Trebuie sa fiti inscris si conectat pentru a vedea acest link].

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